Folleux/Foleux: read all about it (pros and cons of renting a seasonal berth)

Opsimath has been sitting quietly on the Vilaine in the quiet little port of Folleux/Foleux (both spellings seem acceptable and we’re not sure yet what the story is on that). The port of Foleux is in two parts lying on opposing banks of the river. The town of Nivillac is on one side, and Beganne on the other. You van row back and forth in under 5 minutes, but by car, it’s about a half hour drive.

We started off on the Nivillac side, where theres a small but shipchandler (USHIP), a marine workshop, and a guarded shipyard for dry docking. There’s a sail and marine cover company called Ocea, where we’re having a cover made for the solar panels. The pontoons on the Nivillac side have all been redone (major facelift) and theres a pretty great, new 500 000€ shower and toilet blocks with clothes and dish washing facilities! Apparently the locals arent thrilled at footing the bill for that one, but us boaters can reap the benefits nonetheless!

Now, we’re on the Beganne side, which we much prefer (although I miss the 500k showerblock)! The main reason is that on this side, you are well-placed to enjoy the adorable bar and restaurant L’Escale. They’ve just remodeled the terrace and serve pretty nice food (simple recipes made with good ingredients) in a very friendly, relaxed kids’n’dogs, local pub atmosphere. We like both kids and dogs, and we sure love pubs, so this place has us covered! They’ve got the local Coref brews on tap, and live music during the summer months. We really enjoyed local 2 man band Too Fingers the other night!

Beganne side theres also a small, funky and friendly marine workshop called La Cale de Neptune. They’ve been incredibly kind to us, with Antoine and others lending us tools and providing much needed advice. Theres an immense dry dock yard, and these guys are equipped to lift and clean your boat and repair just about anything else.

On this bank of the river, there’s a large park that attracts picnickers from all around. We really like the family-friendly feel, and there are some fine walks to be had around the head of the river.

At the Capitanerie, Chloe is the staff member we know best, and she has been very helpful.

All in all, it’s really a very nice, friendly place to have a fresh water boat slip.

However, there are a few drawbacks:

-You have to push a button to restart your electrical current every 10 hours. Not even every 12 hours, which would make it predictable. This leads to a lot of wee-hours-of-the-morning trips out to the dock, and the 10 hour cycle makes it impossible to get into a groove timing-wise. It also means you can’t leave your boat for a weekend and know that the contents of your fridge will still be edible. Not a deal breaker for us, but it could be a deciding factor for some.

– Internet is very slow and there is little to no 4G reception in the area.

– The toilets and showers Beganne side are not so great: instead of the nice closed-cabin style toilets and showers, they are half-wall partitions, making for a very public-restroom feel… and smell. I prefer to use our own facilities on Opsimath while there.

-If you do not have a car, I have no idea how you could shop for food or supplies, as there is nothing, oh but nothing, near Foleux.

-Trash disposal is a big issue!!! There are lots of trash bins, and it looks as though recycling happened at some point, once upon a time. But today, the parking lot behind the restaurant is home to about 10 trash bins that are constantly overflowing. No trash sorting system is in place today.

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