Plouer sur Rance

lock ladder

Sitting here on our bed at home as Peter sails Opsimath, I have to relate quite a bit of hearsay! While I’m happy to be home, I miss life on board with Peter, and I’m living vicariously through his adventures.

After sad goodbyes in Granville, I took the train home, while Peter set out for the Rance River. We’d heard a lot of good things about the estuary, and talk of an inexpensive fresh water marina for wintering the boat.

Peter got to the hydroelectric damn, and spent the night on a buoy near the lock that opens onto the river. A rough night, by the sound of it, with wind and rains, a lot of current and a constant churning noise from the hydroelectric plant. Probably not the most peaceful spot for an overnighter.

The next day he headed up the Ronce and under the St Hubert Bridge, with only 4 meters to spare over the mast!

Bridge on the Ronce

Finally, he arrived in Plouer, a small deep water marina on the Rance that is a favorite of the British. It is run by “marina boss” Liliane, who is very helpful and speaks fluent English. Among the amenities, electric bikes are available for rent. Peter took advantage of this to go run multiple errands, and to do the 24km circuit into Dinan and back, which is a gorgeous town to visit!

Leaving Plouer, he headed back down towards the lock and stayed on a free buoy, finding it much calmer on the inland side of the lock. He had a peaceful afternoon there amongst the boats and summer bathers. Here are a few pictures from the lock

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